The Best Running Gloves in 2022

Running as a pastime is one of the best and healthiest ways to stay in shape. It burns a lot of calories, improves your breathing, stamina, and your overall health. When it’s a bit chilly, hitting your goals relies heavily on keeping warm and staying comfortable. A pair of the best running gloves will keep your hands warm and dry while running, jogging, powerwalking, trekking, or hiking in colder, dryer weather.

Choosing the right pair of running gloves boils down to the fit. You want your gloves to be right around the skin, but still comfortable to wear. If the gloves are too loose, they will rub against your skin, which can result in chafing or rashes.

Finding the right fit involves finding reputable brands with reliable sizing charts, knowing your usual fit, and purchasing products that are made using quality materials. If the manufacturers skimp on quality, you’re bound to land yourself some faulty products. Following this logic, we’ve prepared a list of the most popular running gloves. If you’re also concerned about the risks of running, make sure to check out our recommendations for the best running shoes for plantar fasciitis and knee braces for running to stay safe and well-equipped when hitting the tracks and trails.

new balance lightweight touchscreen warm running gloves
  • 95% polyester 5% spandex
  • Textured thumb and forefinger for operating touchscreen devices
  • Lightweight and flexible

With 95% polyester and 5% spandex, the New Balance Lightweight Touchscreen warm running gloves provide the user with comfort, warmth, and utility. The composition allows them to fit your hands easily and mold over each finger perfectly. The material is a perfect blend of elasticity and protection.

The fact that they’re touchscreen compatible makes them an amazing choice for anyone. Pick up calls, pick your favorite tunes, check your progress, all without having to take off your gloves. The texture is smooth and they’re lightweight. Over time, you might experience some linting, but that’s to be expected.

In terms of design, these are solid. The fingers have a good length, and the wristband locks in place and keeps them secure. The forefinger and thumb are textured to work with a touchscreen. The only downside is that it’s going to take a bit of getting used to, as they won’t work perfectly every time.

The gloves do have a bit of a plastic smell at first, but it will go away after a few washes. They do tend to shrink a bit after washing too, so make sure to factor that into your purchase. Overall, not many bad things to say about this product. The New Balance Lightweight Touchscreen warm running gloves come highly recommended!

  • Very lightweight
  • Good touchscreen operation
  • Good fit if ordered in the right size
  • Affordable
  • Premium brand
  • A bit of a plastic smell at first
  • Can become linty if overused

TrailHeads Men’s Running Touchscreen Gloves

The Best Cold Weather Running Gloves

trailheads men’s running touchscreen gloves
  • 4-way Stretch Polartec
  • Textured index and thumb fingers for touchscreen operations
  • Wind-resistant, cold-resistant qualities

The TrailHeads Men’s running touchscreen gloves provide the user with comfort, a great fit, and amazing touchscreen functionality. With a wind-resistant fabric, touchscreen capabilities, and a very comfortable feel, these gloves bring a premium feel to the user.

The TrailHeads men’s running gloves are made using a thick, proprietary blend dubbed 4-way stretch Polartec which provides insulation from the wind, as well as warmth and comfort. The fabric is stretchy and holds its shape well if washed properly. The only problem is that the index and thumb touchscreen fabric tends to peel after intensive use, so make sure to keep that in mind when shopping.

The finger length is adequate, and the sizes range from small to large. Overall, the TrailHeads Men’s running gloves is a well-put-together product made using a good design and quality materials.

  • Good fabric
  • Good touchscreen capabilities
  • Wind-resistant
  • No absorption properties, will get cold if they get wet
  • Touchscreen texture will wear off if overused

Under Armour ColdGear Infrared Run Liner Gloves

Great Value Winter Running Gloves

under armour coldgear infrared run liner gloves
  • Sizes S-XL
  • 87-13 polyester elastane blend
  • Elastic, comfortable, lined with plush

If you’re a fitness practitioner (of any kind, mind you), you’re bound to have heard about Under Armour. Under Armour is one of the go-to brands for quality and affordability. From their T-shirts to their running gloves, the UA logo lets users know that they don’t have to pay unreasonable prices for top-notch materials and solid design.

Their ColdGear Infrared running gloves sport great thermal insulation, perfect for hitting the trails when it’s cold outside, with a good blend of fabrics. The 87% polyester 13% elastane blend allows the gloves to fit comfortably while providing warmth and comfort. The plush interior also makes them warmer and cozier to wear in actual cold weather.

Overall, the Under Armour ColdGear Infrared gloves are comfortable, eye-catching, and utility-oriented. They’re a complete package that comes from a reputable brand in a very functional package. While they don’t have touchscreen functionality, everything else they bring to the table is honed to perfection.

  • Good value
  • Very comfortable
  • Very warm with right fit
  • No designated touch-screen areas

HEAD Multi-Sport Running Gloves with SensaTEC

Good Value, Feature-Packed

head multi-sport running gloves with sensatec
  • Elastic and comfortable
  • Come in sizes from XS to XL
  • SensaTEC thumb and index fingers
  • Silicone texture inserts for grip

The Head Multi-Sport running gloves are crafted with a lot of care, an eye-catching design, and SensaTEC fabric for compatibility with… well… the 21st century. The gloves come in sizes ranging from XS to XL, so most people should find it easy to get a good fit.

The Head Multi-Sport running gloves come with SensaTEC thumb and index fingers, extended cuffs for adequate warmth, and silicone inserts in the palm for superior grip. This makes them suitable for any sport that would require a good grip during cold weather.

Otherwise, the design is pretty good. The gloves are elastic without being uncomfortable and provide good warmth for the colder seasons. The price is reasonable, especially considering that you’re getting all the features you need to find in a modern pair of fitness gloves. Overall, they come highly recommended.

  • Grippy
  • Comfortable and warm
  • Good length
  • Easy to find the right fit
  • Not great for cold weather (Below 35F)

Smartwool Merino Wool Liner Gloves

The Best Winter Running Gloves

smartwool merino wool liner gloves
  • Merino wool, acrylic, elastane, and polyester blend
  • Index and thumb touchscreen-friendly
  • XS-XL available sizes

If warmth is the main concern you have but still want to be able to text, post, and swap those sweet tunes while you’re hitting the trails, then the Smartwool Merino gloves are a no-brainer. The design is simple and visually appealing, the sizing options are vast, and the touchscreen texture is reliable and long-lasting.

The Smartwool Merino Wool Liner gloves come in sizes from XS-XL, so finding the right fit is really easy. In terms of elasticity, the woven material isn’t as flexible as what we’ve featured so far. With only 9% polyester and 1% elastane, the Smartwool gloves are mostly made of acrylic and Merino wool (45-45%), favoring warmth over flexibility.

The index and thumb are made using a polyester and elastane blend so you still get touchscreen functionality, making the Smartwool Merino Wool Liner gloves the best winter running gloves. They’re compact, they’re warm, and they fit nicely if you can find your size.

  • Very warm
  • Comfortable
  • Touchscreen compatible
  • Not as easy to find a good fit
  • Only warm if kept dry

adidas AWP Shield Gloves

Great Running Gloves for Men

adidas awp shield gloves
  • 100% polyester
  • M – XL sizes
  • Touchscreen conductivity in index and thumb

Adidas is a household name when it comes to fitness equipment. Their AWP Shield Gloves rock a cool aesthetic while providing users with wind protection and a fair amount of insulation for colder weather. The AWP Shield gloves have two touchscreen conductivity points on each glove, are made entirely using polyester (which is great for wind protection), and are very versatile in use.

The fabric is dense. This means that your hands will be kept warm and comfortable during windy and moderately cold weather. In turn, this also means that you’ll be sweating more, so they’re not really fit for using outdoors for more than one hour at a time. Because they’re made entirely from polyester, their shape will drastically change if you attempt to machine wash.

This is a product that’s not unisex. The AWP Shield gloves are intended for male users only, with sizes ranging from M to XL. They provide a good chunk of warmth in cold-ish weather, but I wouldn’t recommend using these in winter or in humid weather.

  • Great fit
  • Good insulation for moderately-cold weather
  • Touchscreen fingers work great
  • Will shrink if not cleaned properly
  • Not meant for humid weather

Manzella Women’s Silkweight Windstopper Ultra Touch Gloves

The Best Running Gloves For Women

manzella women's silkweight windstopper ultra touch gloves
  • 100% polyester
  • Designed for women
  • S-L sizes
  • Touchscreen conductivity in index and thumb
  • Texturized palms

While the Adidas AWP Shield gloves were amazing for any runner, the sizes didn’t really reflect that they’re meant for women. The Manzella Women’s Silkweight gloves are designed to be lightweight, come in smaller sizes to fit women comfortably, and have amazing touchscreen conductivity.

The Silkweight Windstopper Ultra touch gloves are made using 100% polyester, so they’re great at moderate insulation, protection from wind, and are very comfortable. They’re lightweight (as you might expect from their name), and they’re perfect for running in the fall, windy weather, and even warmer winter days.

The Manzella Women’s Silkweight Windstopper gloves come with texturized palms, touchscreen-conductive index and thumb fingers, and come in sizes S-L. The sleeve is long enough to fit under your jacket or blouse – a perfect length. Overall, the Manzella women’s gloves are a solid pick for running, winter sports, or just for comfort during colder autumn and winter days.

  • Good fit for women
  • Good price-performance
  • Provide warmth for moderately-cold weather
  • Lose shape from moisture
  • Not the warmest gloves

How to Choose the Best Running Gloves

Running is a year-long habit. If you want to stay fit, then running all year can help you achieve that. Running in colder weather requires appropriate clothing and accessorizing, which is why you need to find the best running gloves for the right season. Here are some pointers to help you pick the right gloves for you.


Finding the right fit is important. Running gloves should fit tightly against your skin, molded onto each finger. Find materials that are flexible and sizes that are accurately represented by their manufacturers. Try to go for gender-specific products to find a better fit. Unisex models don’t always get the fit right, especially for women.


If warmth is a big selling point for you, get lined gloves. Of course, I’m not talking about thick gloves that you’d get as a present from your grandparents. A good, warm running glove should be trim, sexy, and lightweight. Wool gloves are great for warmth but aren’t that good for humid weather. On the other hand, dense fabrics like polyester are great for wind protection. It’s important to determine which environment makes you uncomfortable and shop accordingly, or pick multiple models that will fit different seasons and different weather.


Having gloves that are genuinely useful while being comfortable is essential for a pleasant experience. Touchscreen conductivity is a must in today’s time. Answering important texts, changing music, taking a break to check your social media; these quality-of-life improvements add up, and a glove that can help you stay warm while texting is invaluable.

Utility also transcends texting while running. You need a glove that can double as a normal glove. When it’s cold outside, having a running glove that looks good and feels right with casual clothes can help you save money. Find a pair of gloves with flexible use and cool aesthetics.


Some gloves are designed for windy weather, others for spring and fall, and others for winter. A pair of gloves might provide enough comfort during October, but not as much comfort in January. To stay nice and warm, make sure to pick the right glove for the season. Even gloves that are marketed for “cold weather” might not cut it. Check what temperature they’re rated for and pick accordingly.

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