Are Tennis Rackets Unisex?

If you’re asking yourself whether tennis rackets are unisex it’s probably because you’ve seen ads online saying that some rackets are for women and some only for men. There are a couple of reasons for this. The main one is that advertisers try to sell some rackets to men and others to women hoping to increase their sales with branding and pinning their products on a specific target audience.

However, all tennis rackets are unisex and there aren’t any distinguishable features that make any racket gender-specific. Aside from marketing and cosmetic factors, all tennis rackets are unisex and can be used by both men and women.

Main Differences Between Male and Female Tennis Rackets

tennis racket with three tennis balls and wristbands

The gender doesn’t determine what type of tennis racket you’re going to need. There are several different factors that make some rackets perfect for men and others for women. That’s what we’re going to discuss today and hope to make it easier for you to get the best tennis racket out there.


Thanks to countless years of evolution, men are simply built differently than women. As a result, men are usually stronger and bigger, meaning it’s only natural they would be more comfortable with a heavier tennis racket. Having said that, a lighter tennis racket would benefit most women more than a bigger and heavier one. Obviously, this isn’t always the case but it’s one factor to consider on an average basis.

Even if the tennis racket is heavier, it still doesn’t mean it’s only for men. Both men and women can choose any type of tennis racket based on their needs and comfort. So, if a woman buys a racket that’s a bit heavier it doesn’t mean she’s bought a men’s tennis racket.

Head Size

Another important factor is head size. Almost all the same principles that we mentioned above can be said here. From what statistics have shown, men generally use tennis rackets with a bigger head size compared to women. Given that the average male is bigger and stronger than females, it’s only natural to use tennis rackets with a bigger head size.

Most men can achieve more power in their shots with less struggle than women. This supports the ability to use bigger head size tennis rackets. Conversely, most women need to use rackets with a smaller head size so that they can achieve more power with less applied force regardless of the type of tennis shot.


Lastly, this is the least important factor of all but it still helps with the decision-making process. Even though using a tennis racket with different colors and cosmetics won’t make it easier to win any tournament, people still like custom designs and a cool tennis racket aesthetic. Having a unique tennis racket makes the player feel more confident and not the same as everyone else.

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