Stiga Evolution Review

Stiga’s range of comfortable and high-performance ping pong paddles rarely disappoints. The Stiga Evolution is yet another example of a beginner-friendly ping pong paddle that offers everything someone might need to get the hang of ping pong.

If you’re a more advanced beginner moving into the intermediate class, this Stiga Evolution review will show you why this ping pong paddle may be perfect for you. Keep reading to find out everything about the Stiga Evolution regarding quality, comfort, speed, and more.

Stiga Evolution Specifications

stiga evolution ping pong paddle specs

At first glance, the Stiga Evolution paddle looks nicely balanced and seems to offer a comfortable grip. We will explain more about its build quality and materials that went into its construction. But first, let’s see the technical specifications that most players want to learn about before buying any type of ping pong paddle.

  • Blade: 6-Ply All Wood
  • Weight: 170g
  • Rubber: STIGA Premium Rubber
  • Sponge: 2mm Both Sides
  • ITTF Approved: Yes

Stiga Evolution Build Quality

stiga evolution table tennis racket

Even though performance ratings like speed and control are important, we also must discuss the build quality of this paddle. The Stiga Evolution is built from lightweight 6-ply all wood that doesn’t make the paddle too heavy or too lightweight. This ensures that beginner ping pong players can adjust to the paddle easily and learn how much force to apply.

STIGA Premium Rubber

Compared to several other Stiga ping pong paddles, the Evolution features improved rubber quality. The difference in rubber quality and feel is definitely noticeable compared to many other beginner ping pong paddles. This Premium rubber by Stiga is quite tacky and is approved by the ITTF. It’s soft and allows you to apply much more spin without sacrificing control. In addition, this Premium rubber also improves serves greatly by making sure you apply less effort while still applying a lot of spin and speed.


As mentioned in the specs section, the Stiga Evolution comes with a 2mm thick sponge on both sides. The quality of the sponge offers a decent amount of control to the paddle. It offers a perfect mix of density and sturdiness to ensure that you don’t force the ball to go over two ping pong tables. The amount of control it offers is perfect for beginners. It’s important that beginners use ping pong paddles with a lot of control such as the Stiga Evolution. This will ensure they get the hang of the sport much faster.

Stiga Evolution Performance Score

In order to give you more insight into how the Stiga Evolution performs, we will evaluate it based on speed, spin, and control. These are three of the most important areas to get right, especially for beginner players. Given that the Stiga Evolution is more beginner-friendly, it’s important that it offers as much control as possible while not overdoing it with too much speed.


One of the highest scores that the Stiga Evolution gets is regarding control. This ping pong paddle thrives when it comes to new players who are learning how to return ping pong serves and not aimlessly hit them out of the ping pong table. In addition, you will feel quite comfortable returning aggressive spin-heavy serves.


The Stiga Evolution is a great ping pong paddle for more defensive players due to its lack of great speed. It’s slower compared to one of its counterparts, the Stiga Pro Carbon. However, while this isn’t great for pro or advanced players, it’s perfect for the beginner or intermediate ones.

The lack of speed isn’t a bad thing if you’re just starting out with ping pong. In fact, it will make sure that you learn how to control the ball while applying more power to produce speed. Once you’ve mastered that, the more advanced paddles only make it easier to gather speed with less effort.


To conclude, the Stiga Evolution offers an average spin which is relatively enough for new players. Don’t expect extreme amounts of spin to be produced with this paddle. So, if you’re a super offensive player this paddle probably won’t be suitable for you. However, you can never be too sure whether a ping pong paddle will fit you nicely or not. As a result, the Stiga Evolution is more than worth trying out. It’s amazing for beginners who struggle with control and want to improve fast.

Review Summary

The Stiga Evolution is one of the most beginner-friendly and comfortable ping pong paddles on the market. It offers great control for new players to be able to adapt easily while at the same time making sure not to be too aggressive with spin and speed.

  • Build Quality8.5
  • Comfort 8.0
  • Stability and Control 9.0


  • Unique, comfortable, and flexible feel
  • Excellent Control
  • Perfect Weight Distribution
  • Great Balance


  • Too Slow for Pro Players

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