Your results, personalized and delivered

  1. Add Your Event

    Add or join an existing event as the official timing company.

  2. Engage Your Athletes

    Athletes and their friends sign up to receive results via text and email for free.

  3. You Time, We Deliver

    Upload your result files and we'll deliver personalized notifications.

Plus, get paid for helping make registration events a success!

Adding your event is free and setup is fast!

  • Your business is timing. Ours is sharing.

    Using your timing files, Athletepath personalizes the results and distributes them via text, email or web to athletes and friends for free.

    • Fully functional on smartphones, tablets & computers
    • Shareable results & stats via Facebook, Twitter & email
    • Branded results hosting
    • see all features
  • Earn a bonus when events succeed.

    When you time an event for an Athletepath registration customer and deliver results to athletes fast, we’ll pay you a cash bonus for your efforts.

Adding your event is free and setup is fast!

Not quite ready? Drop us a line for a free demo and we'll show you the ins and outs.

Athletepath is your partner in awareness and result delivery.

  • Results & stats

    • Text message and email notifications are sent to finishers and their friends the moment results go live
    • Provide instant sharing options to Facebook, Twitter and email
    • Branded results hosting
    • Update files any time
  • Live tracking

    • Free split notifications delivered to athletes and friends via text message and email
    • Unlimited notifications for all your events
  • Event data

    • Access participant downloads and reports anytime
  • Registration management

    • If you manage registration, Athletepath empowers you to fully run the show, automatically keep the event director updated, and get all of our support
    • See Event Director page
  • Events made social

    • Publishing to Facebook, Twitter and email
    • Social Leaderboard
    • Athletes can invite all of their friends for free
    • Fully functional on smartphones, tablets and computers
  • Support

    • The Athletepath team is here for you before, during and after the event