4 Time-Tested Ways to Show Progress in Clean and Jerk (as recommended by Oleksiy Torokhtiy)

Those who take part in the sport of weightlifting in Olympic games are well-aware of the clean and jerk. The snatch is another contest in the line. Each of these weightlifting pillars is necessary to master to become a champion. That is why I want to describe my own success story to let you understand how to achieve success in each of these areas. I am a professional athlete, coach, and active member of conferences dedicated to this type of Olympic sport. It does not matter whether you just plan to join the world of big sport or already possess certain experience in a clean and/or jerk, I hope that these recommendations will play you in hand and show new approaches to making it through.

Hint #1: Focus on Moving Your Fit (for a Clean)

torokhtiy front squating

Grab this guide and study carefully:

  • while getting ready for this exercise, point your toes forwards. Make sure that both toes and knee track in the same plane;
  • push the knees out while pulling yourself into tension at the setup phase;
  • pull from the floor into vertical extension;
  • switch your feet into a more stable squat position with the speed of light.

Do not confuse it with leaping into the air like a wild tiger. Just change the foot position from the pull to the catch. Is there a sufficient amount of space to pull off the platform?

Hint #2: Watch Your Posture While Doing a Clean!

Once you catch a clean with a round middle-back, it makes the elbows go down. Why would you need excessive pressure onto the wrists? The idea is to do this exercise without having the bar dropping forward and your back rounding. Does it sound like a challenge?

Hint #3: You and the Bar Are the Main Players

Let’s discuss a jerk a bit now. Most probably, you have seen hundreds of times that athlete’s shoulders buckle as they make an attempt to catch the weight? To come up with a perfect PR lift, it is important to prevent yourself from losing the bar in any direction. Make sure that the tension is constant. Press against the bar to obtain an active, convenient position.

Hint #4: A COLD Mind Is a Must-Have for a Clean and Jerk

torokhtiy stretching

Another vital aspect is the psychological one. Leave your doubts and worries behind! Otherwise, you won’t be able to succeed in Olympic sports. It is okay to express emotions, but it is better to demonstrate only your happiness for the positive results instead of showing how scared or unsure you are. Turn on such feelings as flatness, confidence, and rage – and you’ll make it through. Focus on the bar and imagine that it is your rival, your enemy. Contribute all your power to resist it. Finish him with a do-or-die fast movement underneath the bar. Your limbs should all feel confident.

Keep in mind that C&J is one of the rare exercises that enables and trains all body muscles, just like swimming. It consists of 3 moves that are interrelated. Those are a pull, a clean, and a dynamic jerk. It is difficult to master this art and progress. However, the results are worth trying. We are not talking just about the rewards like Olympic medals: mastering a clean and a jerk develops the human body significantly, including the reaction, focus, speed and overall power.

To feel motivated enough, simply keep on recalling these advantages. Think about what you can achieve when knowing how to do C&J right. It is a rather challenging and tech exercise, so it’s also vital to stick to certain safety measures. Consult professionals like coaches before performing a clean and/or jerk (or both).

Extra Hint #5. A pro coach will respond to you

torokhtiy putting on weights on barbell

He or she will provide useful recommendations on how to improve posture, movement, speed, etc. What is more important, an expert will teach you how to avoid traumas and damages during your performance of clean and jerk. You may also need a good massage therapist by your side. If you are interested in these and other popular exercises, you can have a look at my Olympic weightlifting programs. You may also check out my full video library for those who take part or just plans to take part in the weightlifting training.

About The Author

Oleksiy Torokhtiy

Oleksiy Torokhtiy is a Ukrainian weightlifter, an Olympic Gold Medalist in weightlifting (London 2012), winner of World and European Championships. Now Oleksiy is focused on teaching people from all around the world to become better athletes. He's also a founder of sportswear and accessories brand Warm Body Cold Mind and author of training programs at Torokhtiy.com. Oleksiy in Social media: Instargram, Youtube.

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