Portland Superhero Fun Run 2014

Portland, OR
Paddy's (Start Venue & After Party)
July 12, 2014

Northwest's Premier Pop-Culture Events, Emerald City Comicon and Rose City Comic Con proudly sponsor, "The Annual Superhero Fun Run 2K 5K 10K and Kids Walk" supports music education.

July 12th, 2014 at 9am

Kids 9 and under: FREE
(Note: Kids must be registered)
After registering, return here to register your children for free.


At each turn of the route a bright vested volunteer with large sign to assist. Maps are posted on our website and below.

Q&A (Please see all Q&A http://goo.gl/4L79qA)

Registered runners can run any race. We encourage you to know your limits. Do not over do it. Kids will outrun their parents, as it happens every year (trust us).


65 SW Yamhill St, Portland, OR 97204. We closed two streets and a parking lot. The light rail is a half a block away, and the City Parking garages are one or two blocks away.


65 SW Yamhill St. Portland, OR 97204. We have closed two streets (Yamhill and 1st Ave and the parking lot) with over 15 family friendly vendors, BBQ, music, arts and crafts, photo booths, and more.


The Superhero Fun Run believes in fostering children and teens with core values: honesty, respect, gratitude, uniqueness, positive attitude, persistence, and passion. Which can lift confidence, help with self respect, offer healthy exercise, meet new friends, and together we can build upon a better tomorrow in a child's life.


The value in the Superhero Fun Run and Kid’s Walk is in the widely popularity of superheroes, comics, hero costumes, all ages, and the core message to always help others.

Heroes come in all shapes, sizes and age. One doesn't need a cape to touch the lives of others, but sometimes it can help, and it is fun to wear.

Be a superhero, be your own hero and together support music education in our Portland Public School District.


Superhero Fun Run and Kid’s Walk donates a set amount of free tickets to the Portland Public Schools, Boys and Girls Club, Bradley Angle House, P:ear, and other local organizations that help children, teens, families, etc.


Portland Public School District

501 N Dixon St, Portland, OR 97227
(503) 916-2000

Portland Public Schools (PPS) is a public school district located in Portland, Oregon, United States. It is the largest school district in the state of Oregon, and in the Pacific Northwest. It is a Pre K-12 district with an enrollment of approximately 47,000 students. About 85 schools and 50 special needs sites are maintained within the district.

The Portland Public Schools enrolls 84% of the city's available school-age children. Nonetheless, total school enrollment is declining, accompanying a change in Portland's demographics. As a result, the Portland Public Schools are facing increasing budget pressure.

In the 2009 school year, the district had 1706 students classified as homeless by the Department of Education, or 3.8% of students in the district.




Lippman’s Company


Halloween Warehouse



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