Socal Cross: Dtla Cyclo-Via! October 7, 2012 » Los Angeles, CA

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Men A CX 1-4

Women A CX 1-4

Men 35+ A

Men 45+ A

Men 35+ B

Men 45+ B

Men 55+

Women 35+

Men B CX 3-4

Women B CX 3-4

SS Men A Cx1-4

SS Men B Cx3-4

SS Women CX 1-4

Men C CX 4

Women C CX 4

Junior Men 15-18

Junior Men 10-14

Junior Women 15-18

Junior Women 10-14

U10 (age 6-9)

First Timer Race

Fixed SS CX

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Event information

*Registration will be open until 11:59pm Friday night!

Cyclocross comes to Los Angeles State Historic Park the same day as CicLAvia!

ABR Sanctioned. This is an American Bicycle Racing event. There are no license fees, and no USAC upgrade points available.

10-race pass
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IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT BIKE RENTALS: There are a limited amount of bikes available to rent. Check here to see if your size is still available BEFORE purchasing in registration. Note the "last updated" time, and feel free to check in with

Race Day

Race Day Schedule:

*Check SoCalCross website for updates

8:00am: Beginner's CX Clinic

9:00am: Juniors 15-18, 9:01: Juniors 10-14, 9:02: Youth U10

9:45am: Masters Men 35+ B CX 3/4, 9:46: Masters Men 45+ B CX 3/4, 9:48: Masters Men 55+

10:45am: Men C CX4: Beginner, 10:46: Masters Women 35+, Women C CX4: Beginner, 10:47: First Timer Fun Race

11:30am: Masters Men 35+ A CX 1-4, 11:32: Masters Men 45+ A CX1-4

12:30pm: Men B CX 3/4 "Killer B's"

1:20pm: Kiddie Cross Race

1:30pm: Elite Women A CX 1-4, 1:32: Women B CX 3-4

2:30pm: SS Men A CX 1-4, 2:31: SS Men B CX 3/4, SS Women CX 1-4

2:33pm: SS Fixed Gear

3:30pm: Elite Men A CX 1-4, U23 CX 1-4

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