Socal Cross: CX in the OC September 30, 2012 » Costa Mesa, CA

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Men A CX 1-4

Women A CX 1-4

Men 35+ A

Men 45+ A

Men 35+ B

Men 45+ B

Men 55+

Women 35+

Men B CX 3-4

Women B CX 3-4

SS Men A Cx1-4

SS Men B Cx3-4

SS Women CX 1-4

Men C CX 4

Women C CX 4

Junior Men 15-18

Junior Men 10-14

Junior Women 15-18

Junior Women 10-14

U10 (age 6-9)

First Timer Fun Race (3 Short Laps) Try 'cross

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Event information

The 2012-13 SoCalCross Prestige Series is scheduled to kickoff Sunday September 30th at Fairview Park in Costa Mesa

ABR Sanctioned. This is an American Bicycle Racing event. There are no license fees, and no USAC upgrade points available.

10-race pass
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Race Day

Start time: 9am

9am: Junior Men, Women, and U10

10am: Men: 35+ B, 45+ B and 55+

11am: Men & Women C CX 4, First Time Race

11:45am: Men: B CX 3-4, 35+ A, 45+ A

12:45pm: Women: A CX 1-4, B CX 3-4, 35+

1:45pm: SS Men and Women

2:45pm: Kids Race

3pm: Men A CX 1-4

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