Pedalers at the Poor Farm CX

Troutdale, OR
November 8, 2014

About the OBRA CX Championship:

Ken McLarty (Tenacious Training and Events) is bringing the OBRA Championships to his yearly Cyclocross event at the Pedalers at the Poor Farm course located at Edgefield McMenamins in Troutdale. The event will be the regional competition for cyclocross athletes announcing the top cyclocross competitors for the state.

Ken has developed, in collaboration with McMenamins, an exciting, challenging and unique course and a hospitable experience for all guests and participants.


On Saturday November 9th, the championship will prove to be a dynamic event that celebrates all of the personality and fun of cylcocross with the prestige and athletic challenge of a championship. This event will be the most important cyclocross event in Oregon. All competitors and spectators are in for a challenging and memorable day that will be talked about all year.


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License is required. If you are not an annual member, you will be charged for a $5 single-day OBRA license. Buy an annual license here. If you purchased a license and have not received your OBRA # yet, enter the date the license was purchased.