The Best Snorkel Gear Sets in 2022

Watersports are an amazing pastime. You have an activity that incorporates the thrills of exploration with the benefits of swimming. Safety is always a big concern when humans go into an environment that’s hazardous. For flying, you have parachutes and months of rigorous training, and for submerging, you have gear that will help you resurface safely. If snorkeling is one of your favorite activities, then investing in the best snorkel gear should definitely be high up on your list of priorities.

Shopping for the best swim goggles or snorkels can be a waste of time. It’s much easier for a beginner snorkeler to just shop for a set. Throughout this article, we’ll be diving into the world of snorkeling gear and see what manufacturer has the best overall gear in terms of quality, value, and affordability. From this list, you can pick up items that are either of premium quality or items that strike a good balance of price-performance. Without further adieu, let’s get to it!

cressi clio set
  • Dry snorkel
  • Clearview mask
  • Includes fins, carry bag, and mesh bag

Cressi’s been featured on our other snorkeling lists as one of our most prominent manufacturers. Their brand produces affordable and reliable gear. The Cressi Clio set contains a clear view mask, a snorkel that is fitted with a purge valve and a corroded hose for flexibility, the fins, a mesh bag for the fins, and a carry case for the mask and snorkel.

In terms of quality, you’re getting something that will help you go snorkeling reliably. The mask is made using soft silicone, the dry snorkel works as intended, and the fins are built to allow the user to find a good fit.

This is the best snorkel gear for beginners and advanced users with a tight budget. You can get your certification and start hitting the open seas. All of the items are solid. The only part that might be slightly daunting is the flexibility of the fins. They’re a bit more rigid than your generic brands, but they do work as intended and have a good life span.

  • Amazing value
  • Great quality for the price
  • Includes everything you need to start snorkeling
  • Fins are a bit rigid

Cressi Palau Mask Fin Snorkel Set with Snorkeling Gear Bag

The Best Snorkel Gear for Travel

cressi palau mask fin snorkel set
  • Clear view mask with clear silicone skirt
  • Clear dry snorkel
  • Short fins
  • Mesh carry bag

Our second product also comes from Cressi. Their Palau set includes fins, a clear view mask, and a clear snorkel. You’re also getting a mesh bag for all of your products to facilitate traveling.

All of the products (except the fins) have been featured on our other lists. To sum it up, the snorkel and the mask work as intended. You’re getting a clear mask and a clear snorkel which will help you blend in more with your underwater surroundings. This can be a great asset if you’re interested in sports like spearfishing, as fish tend to become wary of things that seem out of place.

While the snorkel might not be the best, the mask and the short fins are definitely a notch above the competition. The mask has a clear skirt that provides the user with better viewing angles, while the short fins provide more mobility and are easier to store safely.

  • Affordable
  • Compact fins, flexible mask, great for trips
  • Not the best snorkel

Seavenger Aviator Snorkeling Set with Gear Bag

The Best Snorkel Gear for Kids

seavenger aviator snorkeling set with gear bag
  • Comes in sizes as low as XXS
  • Single-lens tempered glass mask
  • Dry snorkel
  • Short, rigid fins
  • Mesh carry bag

The Seavenger Aviator snorkeling set is an affordable, well-designed set that comes with all the items you or your child need to go snorkeling safely. The set comes in all sizes, including XXS, which is why it’s a great pick for children.

The short fins are rigid, giving even smaller users a considerable boost in power. For children, this means that they will be able to keep up with their parents without overdoing it. The gear set is small enough to fit in a backpack, and the fins have a special pad that prevents them from losing their shape when crammed in a tight space.

The single-lens tempered glass mask provides amazing viewing angles and a very clear view of your surroundings. The snorkel is dry and flexible, so anyone should be able to find a good fit. Overall, the Seavenger Aviator snorkeling set is a great product for both kids and adults, and it comes at half of what you would pay for an established brand.

  • Perfect for kids
  • Good quality craftsmanship
  • Very, very affordable
  • Fins are considerably more rigid
  • Fins are pretty short for adults

ZEEPORTE Mask Fin Snorkel Set

Very Affordable, Good Quality

zeeporte mask fin snorkel set
  • Single-lens mask
  • Soft silicone skirt
  • Short fins
  • Dry snorkel
  • Carry bag

Coming in cyan and gunmetal variants, the ZEEPORTE snorkel set brings style and comfort to your underwater activities. The set includes a carry bag, a snorkel, a single-lens mask, and two fins. The fins are compact and flexible, great for traveling and great for diving.

The mask is not perfect but it gets the job done. The entire set is priced very fairly. The clear-silicone skirt fits nicely on the face and allows a good amount of light to shine on the wearer’s face. The sizing is a bit problematic since you’re only getting options from S to XL, but those who fall within these parameters will find a good, dependable, and affordable snorkeling set.

The snorkel is partly see-through and very flexible, so you won’t have a problem using it, no matter the shape of your face. While the pieces aren’t meant to be used by small children or XXL adults, they are pretty adjustable, so the average user will find a snug fit which is very important.

  • Very affordable
  • Good fit for average users
  • Good quality craftsmanship
  • Small children or large adults have a hard time finding a good fit
  • Mask will get grimy in time

U.S. Divers Cozumel Set

Cheap Alternative

u.s. divers cozumel set
  • Dual-lense mask with silicone skirt
  • Dry snorkel
  • Two fins

The U.S. Divers Cozumel set is very well put-together. Coming in a variety of color options, you have the ability to match your purchase with your personal style, something that’s rare in the niche. The set contains your standard snorkeling gear, meaning the fins, a mask, a snorkel, and a carry bag.

The set includes everything you need to go surface diving. You’re getting a dual-lense, clear view snorkel, a dry snorkel (without a flexible hose), a carry bag, and the fins. The snorkel can be a bit finicky to fit right because it’s not as flexible. Other than that, it’s a dry snorkel with a pretty good intake valve.

The dual-lens design makes the mask easier to bend and store, so it makes for a great main and backup mask if you have a better one and just need to pocket one just in case. Overall, solid set.

  • Flexible mask is very easy to store
  • Good price
  • Not the best snorkel

AQUA LUNG SPORT Urchin Jr Snorkel Set – Kids’

Good Kid Alternative

aqua lung sport urchin jr snorkel set - kids
  • Dual-lense mask
  • Small fins
  • Dry snorkel
  • Carry bag

If you want a snorkel gear set that’s made specifically for your children, then the Aqua Lung Sport Urchin Jr is the way to go. In terms of quality, you’re getting some good items, including a dual-lense mask, a dry snorkel, fins, and a mesh bag. That being said, the price is pretty inflated. The quality of the items is, in fact, pretty great, just make sure you know that you’re gonna have to pay a premium, even though these are meant for children.

In terms of usability, the set brings every piece of equipment needed for snorkeling, and the items come in a somewhat childish aesthetic. This can help motivate the children to persevere with their training.

  • Designed specifically for kids
  • Kid-friendly aesthetic
  • Kind of expensive

How to Choose the Best Snorkel Gear Set

Choosing the best snorkel set isn’t that hard. First off, you’ll need to find a reputable brand and 50% of the job is done. Finding a reputable brand just takes a few Google searches. The rest of it boils down to finding the right fit and the right style to match your needs. Let’s talk about that.


Arguably the most important thing is to find a good fit for your mask. A mask with a silicone seal will provide the user with a good fit and a lot of comfort. Finding one that has a dual-lens design will also make it fit easier to the user’s face since it is much more flexible than a single-lens mask.

For the fins, you need to find out if the size of the fins corresponds to a sneaker size. That is the only way you can ensure that you’re gonna have a good fit when ordering snorkeling gear online. For the snorkel, you want to find one with a hose for flexibility. Otherwise, you might have trouble finding a good position for it, depending on the shape of your head.


For shorter people, smaller, more rigid fins will result in more power, but will also require considerably more forceful kicks when swimming. Pick a style of fins that fits your swimming style, whether they are long and flexible or short and rigid.


You can find quality at any price point. Don’t try to go overboard with the budget. You can find affordable, reliable gear sets that fall into your price range. Truth be told, when you pay for a premium product, you’re mostly paying for the brand. The quality will be superior, but not twice or three times better than something affordable. Try to find something that’s both reliable and affordable.

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