The Best Ski and Snowboard Gloves and Mittens in 2021

Cold fingers? Gloves so thick you can barely zip your zippers? Finding the right pair of ski or snowboard gloves can be tricky, but not to worry, there are more than enough excellent options to choose from. Much like finding the right ski helmet for your needs, having snow gloves with a great fit and just the right mix of warmth and function will contribute a lot to your enjoyment and comfort while skiing. Happy hands = happy skiers!

We’ve already done the work and broken down the pros and cons of some of the best ski gloves available. Let’s take a look!

hestra army leather heli ski glove 5-finger
  • gauntlet for closure at wrist
  • extra long cut
  • compatible with aftermarket liners

These leather gloves are known for their warmth and durability. They can be expected to serve you well for many seasons, and provide more than adequate dexterity considering the thickness of the insulation. They are cut extra-long in the wrists making them ideal for those powder days and a gauntlet ensures that no snow will sneak in. A Velcro band at the wrist allows for a snug and adjustable fit.

The biggest disadvantage of these gloves is undoubtedly the lack of waterproofing, the leather is naturally somewhat water repellent, especially if it is regularly cared for; however, it isn’t comparable to a GORE_TEX waterproof layer. These are ideal for anyone spending time in cold winter conditions and durability makes them an excellent choice for anyone who needs to handle a lot of equipment outdoors.

  • very warm
  • excellent durability
  • long-lasting insulation
  • washable and removable liners
  • not 100% waterproof
  • leather requires regular care

Dakine Men’s Titan Gloves

Best Value Ski Gloves

dakine mens titan gloves
  • gauntlet for closure at forearm
  • heat pack pocket
  • GORE-TEX insert
  • synthetic insulation
  • leather palm
  • synch strap at wrist

These gloves are most notable for their cool extra features at an attractive price. The removable, touch screen sensitive liners are super convenient and everyone could use the nose wipe panel on the thumb from time to time. A zippered, waterproof pocket serves as the perfect stash for your room card, car key or lift card. The pocket also doubles as the perfect spot for a heat pack on colder days.

The shell is water repellent and an additional GORE-TEX insert adds increased warmth and waterproofing where it counts. A gauntlet at the wrist keeps the snow out. The Dakine Titan’s offer average warmth, but are somewhat lacking in terms of dexterity and durability, especially in the palm area. If you’re into sweet features and aren’t expecting really cold winter conditions, these affordable ski gloves are for you.

  • removable, screen sensitive liners
  • water repellent
  • zippered, waterproof pocket
  • poor durability in the palm area
  • mediocre dexterity

Black Diamond Men’s Guide Gloves

The Best Ski Gloves for Cold Weather

black diamond mens guide gloves
  • flexible outer shell
  • durable goat leather reinforcements
  • no gauntlet
  • GORE-TEX insert

Guides and expert skiers have held these super warm gloves in high regard for several years. The newest version of Black Diamond’s tried and true gloves feature multiple layers of insulation. The shell is flexible with thick goat leather reinforcements in high friction areas. The leather is durable enough to handle anything, but it is quite stiff at first and requires a few days of wear to break in. The inside of the shell is lined with moisture-wicking fleece in the palm areas. Removable liners make for easy washing and quick drying.

With their warmth and durability, these gloves are ideal for high altitude mountaineering or anyone adventuring out in especially cold temperatures. The limited dexterity is to be expected given their level of insulation; however, they aren’t designed for spring skiing or a lot of finger work.

  • extremely warm
  • extremely durable
  • removable liners
  • moisture wicking
  • reduced dexterity (due to thickness)
  • must be ‘broken in’
  • fit on the small side

Outdoor Research Meteor Mitts

The Best High-Performance Mittens

outdoor research meteor mitts
  • synch strap at wrist
  • gauntlet for closure at forearm
  • liners: fold-back finger and thumb

This system consists of a mitten outer shell with removable liner gloves, offering the best of both worlds for mitten lovers. The liners even have fold-back thumb and finger flaps, which are secured with magnets. This combination is perfect for everything from tying boots to setting up tents to paying the parking meter.

The Outdoor Research Meteor Mitts hold up impressively against extreme weather conditions: they are 100% waterproof and windproof yet the fleece liners still provide for enough breathability to keep your hands dry and comfortable. These are an excellent choice for anyone who needs serious protection from the elements and quick access to their fingers at the same time.

  • extremely warm
  • extremely waterproof
  • breathable
  • practical mitten glove combination
  • liners wear quickly
  • magnets can affect compass function

Marmot Randonnee Gloves

The Best Ski Gloves for Comfort & Dexterity

marmot randonnee gloves
  • synch strap at wrist
  • gauntlet for closure at forearm
  • reinforced with hairsheep leather

These gloves offer standard features across the board. With average warmth and breathability, they are a fine option for mild winter ski days. The extra soft liners stand out, so if you want cozy, comfy hands these might be your gloves.

Marmot’s patented ‘Falcon Grip’ material in the palm provides much better grip and dexterity than classic smooth leather shells: perfect for grip on poles and any frosty or snowy equipment. While they won’t stand up to high altitude mountaineering or extreme weather conditions, they provide a great balance of everything a skier needs for comfortable hands and a weekend of fun on the slopes.

  • extra soft comfortable liner
  • Falcon Grip palm material
  • average warmth (not too hot, not too cold)
  • moderate water resistance
  • poor durability

Swany SX-80M Men’s X-Change Glove

The Best All-Rounder Ski Gloves

swany sx-80m mens x-change glove
  • synch strap at wrist
  • gauntlet for closure at forearm
  • microfiber softshell
  • leather palms with Duragrip reinforcements

These gloves are very warm – warm enough that they feature vents to give your hands some air on those warmer winter days. And just in case you are headed into the deep freeze, the zippered utility pockets are the perfect size for hand-warmers.

Swany’s Dryfinger material wicks moisture away from the hands, and in combination with the microfiber soft-shell, ensures excellent breathability. Highly waterproof and very durable, these gloves are designed for long days of performance whether you are on groomed slopes or in the backcountry.

  • quick release strap
  • nose drip patch on the index finger
  • very warm
  • excellent breathability, including vents
  • zippered pockets (fit hand warmers)
  • no removable liners

Burton Men’s Gore-Tex Mitten + Gore Warm Technology

The Best Touch Screen Ski Gloves

burton mens gore-tex mitten gore warm technology
  • removable wrist leashes
  • zippered heat pack pocket/vent
  • GORE-TEX insert

Warm fingers on the go: both the mittens and the removable lines are touch screen sensitive so you won’t need to sacrifice warm fingers for that lift selfie or a quick text. These super warm mittens feature a zippered pocket that can hold heat pack or double as ventilation depending on the day.

The durability is mediocre and they tend to wear fast in the palm area, making them less than ideal for rough activities like scrambling along rocky or jagged icy ridges to get to your line. These are perfect for even the coldest days at the ski hill for anyone who likes to use their phone without taking their mitts off.

  • removable, screen sensitive liners
  • touch screen sensitive outer mittens
  • very warm
  • waterproof
  • liners have poor durability
  • palm material has poor durability

Savior Heated Gloves

The Best Heated Ski Gloves

savior heated gloves
  • elastic at wrist
  • gauntlet for closure at forearm
  • 40% lambskin, 60% polyester shell

Featuring a pair of rechargeable lithium-ion batteries with three adjustable temperature settings, these gloves guarantee warm hands. You can feel the warmth within 30 seconds after turning on the heaters! The heated zones include the back of the hands as well as all fingers making these a perfect glove for people with arthritis, poor circulation or anyone who struggles with cold hands in general. Simple push buttons on the back of the hands make adjusting the heat fast and easy. Expect 2-4 hours of full power heat before you need to recharge.

Apart from the heating function, these gloves are decently durable, with a soft, comfortable liner and are breathable enough to keep your hands from getting sweaty.

  • heated: 3 temperature settings
  • breathable
  • decent durability
  • no adjustable wrist synch
  • not waterproof
  • no removable liner

N’Ice Caps Kids Winter Gloves

The Best Ski Gloves for Kids

nice caps kids winter gloves
  • 3M Thinsulate lining
  • 2.5-inch knit wrist cuff
  • Velcro wrist synch

Available in sizes from 3 to 12 years, these gloves are perfect for kids of any age who are ready for action in the snow. Windproof, waterproof and very warm, these gloves are ready to play hard whether it’s sledding, skiing or building snowmen.

A Velcro synch at the wrist ensures a snug, adjustable fit. Extra grippy material on the palms and fingers provide great dexterity for ski poles and outdoor play.

  • very warm
  • 100% waterproof
  • good dexterity
  • a little bit bulky

How to Choose the Best Ski Gloves for You

Skiers need to decide for themselves which combination of warmth and dexterity is right for them. Depending on where you are skiing and the kind of winter weather you expect, you may have different priorities. Generally, there is always a tradeoff here: the warmer your gloves are, the less dexterity they will have due to thicker insulation.

A lot of features fall into the ‘nice to have’ category and depend greatly on your personal preferences; however, here are a few key features that always make a difference:

Removable Liners

Gloves with removable liners bring with them a lot of advantages. They dry significantly faster than a single thick glove and they usually allow for more convenient washing. The layering effect of wearing liners and a shell automatically increases the glove’s warmth. Having the option to remove only the shell for any fine finger work without having to expose your hands to the elements is a major plus point whether you are wiping your ski goggles, paying for your beer on a cold day, or tying up your new snowboard boots.


If you are an all-weather skier, then gloves with a GORE-TEX insert or soft-shell are a must-have. Nothing else really compares to the level of wind and waterproofing that GORE-TEX inserts provide.

Leather Reinforcements

Leather has so much to offer: as a natural material it provides an ideal balance of flexibility, dexterity and air permeability. Whether you have fully leather gloves, only leather palms, or leather reinforced areas, you can count on a high degree of durability and quality.

Now – grab your skis, put of your gloves and go have an awesome snow day!

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