The Best Scuba and Snorkel Masks in 2021

It’s incredible to see that, to this day, most of the ocean depths still remain unexplored. Human beings have a natural, primal attraction to water. Snorkeling and scuba diving are as good for your body as they are for your soul. Diving will help you reconnect to nature, get in great shape or maintain your current physique, and will definitely help you create some amazing memories. The best scuba and snorkel masks will give you the comfort and security you need to explore those underwater floors without worrying about your safety.

Diving equipment is all about being user-friendly and reliable. The environment itself is hazardous, so it has to be resilient and easy to maintain. When you’re researching things like snorkel, scuba or diving mask, you’re basically asking which of these products is best for you. In an ideal world, that would be an easy choice, but nowadays, the wide offer in the fitness industry creates a lot of confusion. Everyone promises that their product will change your experience, so it’s pretty hard to make an informed decision.

When it comes to masks, you need to think about fit, visibility, and longevity. These will be determined by the mask’s design, face bracket, and materials. Depending on what you need to maximize your diving experience, we’ve compiled a list of various products that we think are some of the best diving masks you can currently find.

cressi f1 scuba mask
  • Single tempered glass lens with CE certification
  • Opaque or transparent skirt made using soft silicone

Cressi is a household name in the swimming and diving segments, and their F1 Scuba Diving Snorkeling frameless mask really highlights their industry experience. The frameless tempered glass lenses are amazing and will hold up well in hazardous environments without getting too foggy.

The F1 Scuba Diving Frameless Mask has a silicone skirt, so it gives you great suction for face mounting. Paired with the plastic frame and lenses, it’s one hell of a product for beginner and enthusiast divers alike. The single-lens design is a great choice and has become an industry-standard, something we always like to see in a quality diving mask.

The frameless design gives you a wide viewing angle, allowing you to explore the underwater environment without any hinders. The overall design is hydrodynamic, generating minimal drag if you’re interested in speed. It’s very lightweight and the silicone wrap makes it easy to fold and store in your pocket. Overall, a very solid product that we highly recommend for any diver.

  • Good price
  • Great quality
  • Tempered glass single-lens design
  • Pre-applied coating makes it foggy

Kraken Aquatics Single Lens Snorkel Dive Mask

Solid Backup Mask

kraken aquatics snorkel mask
  • Single-lens design
  • Opaque and clear skirt
  • Tempered glass

If you’re looking for a quality product with a great design, then look no further. The Kraken Aquatics Single Lens Snorkel Dive Mask comes with a lot of hype. Using anti-fog technology for the single-lens, your visibility won’t become compromised when snorkeling, skin diving, or scuba diving.

In terms of design, it’s pretty similar to the Cressi F1. It’s got a silicone skirt that makes it easy to equip, has a comfortable buckle for adjusting to your head size, and is scratch and shatterproof, so you know it can handle deep diving. It’s watertight, gives great viewing angles, and is an overall solid diving and snorkeling mask.

In terms of fit, you might have issues if you have a larger head. Otherwise, the mask has a flexible skirt and a great head strap, so you won’t be struggling to find a comfortable, snug fit. If you’re shopping online, make sure to pick a product that’s easy to return in case it doesn’t mold onto your face.

Kraken Aquatics is a well-renowned premium brand. Their expertise and industry know-how truly shows in this case. The price is fair, and the quality is amazing.

  • Very durable
  • Flexible-enough to pocket
  • High-quality silicone
  • Double-seal skirt
  • Doesn’t come with a carry case

Cressi Pano 4

Another Great One from Cressi

cressi pano 4
  • Extended lenses
  • Dual-lense design
  • Comes with both opaque and transparent soft silicone skirt

The Cressi Pano 4 is an amazing diving and scuba mask. If you’re dreading that sense of claustrophobia that’s associated with a narrow viewing angle, then this is the best choice for you. Pano, short for panoramic, is the keyword of this mask’s design. With four lenses and the option to get a transparent skirt, you’ll have a ton of light flooding in, giving you amazing visibility.

The seam that joins the side lenses to your frontal lenses is virtually unnoticeable when underwater. You can either get it in a black silicone skirt variant or a transparent silicone skirt for even more light. More light will make you adapt to your surroundings faster, while less light will keep you more focused on what’s in front of you.

Made using 100% liquid silicone, you know it’s easy to fold and bag. You don’t want to lose your mask when you’re on vacation, so the fact that it’s easy to store is a big, big plus in our opinion. While it’s not a single-lens design, the dual lenses are wide enough that we think you won’t notice a big difference in terms of visibility.

Cressi is a big name when it comes to diving equipment, and their Panoramic 4 mask has made it at the top of your best scuba diving mask list.

  • Increased peripheral vision
  • Clear skirt option for a lot of light
  • Easy to clean and to maintain
  • Dual-lense design
  • Panoramic vision is relatively blurry

SeaDive Oceanways Superview-HD

The Best Snorkel Mask

seadive oceanways superview-hd
  • Dual-lense design
  • Opaque high-quality silicone skirt
  • Premium quality diving mask

The SeaDive Oceanways Superview HD is a premium product, and it comes with a premium price tag. If you’re looking for a truly flagship diving and spearfishing mask, then this is one of your best choices. The Oceanways Superview-HD has the same features you’d find on any run-off-the-mill mask, except for one. The ray blocking single-lens.

The double-coated lens does two things. It helps reflect light rays away from your eyes and it sharpens your image. The glass is polished to the point that it’s hydrophobic, making it much easier to clean. A cleaner lense will produce less fog and paired with the anti-fog technology, you have amazing visibility.

The fact that light will get bounced off the lens will enhance your vision, making things sharper and giving you more contrast to work with. The silicone is high-quality, very soft, making it a good fit for almost anybody. They’re very polished in terms of design, so you’re looking at a truly premium product.

SeaDive has a lot of experience with high-end scuba and snorkeling masks, and it really shows. The diving community universally loves this design and the features that it brings. The only downside is that, because of the coating, you can’t get a clear silicone skirt and that you have to clean the lenses with a special cleaning product that doesn’t use any abrasive elements.

  • Coating gives amazing underwater vision
  • Build quality is amazing
  • Great suction with the high-quality silicone skirt
  • More pricey
  • Requires extra care when cleaning

Phantom Aquatics Panoramic Scuba Snorkeling Dive Mask

Gets the Clearest Mask Award

phantom aquatics panoramic scuba mask
  • Clear view mask
  • Very flexible
  • Three-lense design

Next off, we’re taking a look at another clear view mask. The Phantom Aquatics Panoramic brings great visibility and a lot of lighting all in a compact package. If you want a foldable mask that you can just tuck away, this is a great product for that. With a great triple-lens design (one center and two side) with seams that aren’t noticeable, you’re getting amazing viewing angles for your underwater adventures.

The clear silicone is very comfortable, provides a great fit, and the flexible buckle gives you a lot of mobility. And mobility seems to be the main focus of this product. The entire design comes together beautifully and entices you to keep exploring, to keep moving and enjoy the unparalleled vision. Whether you want to use it during your vacation or just to keep your eyes dry when hitting the pool, the Phantom Aquatics Panoramic scuba mask will always deliver.

Now, in terms of diving, it’s not that reliable. It’s made using soft silicone, and with a soft lens, you don’t really get a lot of rigidity. Overall, we think that it’s great for snorkeling and training, but once you move to diving, we recommend you take a look at some other products we’ve featured. Maybe the Oceanways Superview, which we absolutely love.

  • Flexibility makes it a good backup
  • Good visibility
  • Not the best for diving
  • Kind of foggy

Scubapro Spectra Low Volume 2 Window Dive Mask

Great if You’re a Pro

phantom aquatics panoramic scuba mask
  • Premium diving mask
  • Low-volume, dual lenses
  • Push-button buckles for equipping easy

You got your swimming goggles, you got your snorkel, and now you’re looking to get the final piece – a great face mask. If you want that sleek pro look and an amazingly durable product, the Scubapro Spectra Low Volume 2 is the go-to scuba diving mask. The design is solid, the dual lenses being big enough to give you amazing underwater visibility while keeping everything nice and watertight.

The premium design comes with a premium price tag. While we agree with the pricing, it’s definitely more than other masks. You can get a tinted model for better UV reflection, but that also comes at a higher price. The materials are very high-quality, and the design definitely points out that this is a scuba-designated item.

  • Great for diving
  • Great visibility
  • Comes with coating option for extra underwater clarity
  • Expensive, especially when compared to other masks

Atomic Venom Frameless Mask

The Best Scuba Diving Mask

phantom aquatics panoramic scuba mask
  • Premium scuba mask
  • Gummi Bear technology silicone
  • Single-lens design
  • Reinforced frame

Since we started talking about premium products, it’s impossible to leave out Atomic’s Venom Frameless mask. The concept isn’t new, but it’s polished to perfection, Venom clearly investing a lot in designing this high-quality diving mask. The single-lens design is solid, giving you great visibility while submerged. The ultrasoft silicone, paired with their reinforced internal frame, allows you to get a comfortable fit and a very tight seal. That’s due to their Gummi Bear silicone technology.

The glass is very high quality, with very few impurities, giving you a crisp view while submerged. While it’s very durable and made using only high-quality materials, it’s still very malleable so you can just pocket it and use it as a backup. The only downside is the price, which is high up there. This is a product you should only purchase if you’re a hardcore enthusiast and are going to do some deep diving.

  • Exceptional seal
  • Very solid build quality
  • Not foggy, great clarity
  • Very expensive

How to Choose a Scuba and Snorkel Mask

Choosing the right scuba and snorkel mask is essential if you want a good diving experience. While the process is straightforward, we feel obliged to mention a few points to help you find the best scuba mask for your diving adventures. Let’s go through what makes or breaks a good mask.


A soft silicone skirt will give you great suction. Suction is something you need to find a good fit. If you have facial hair, it might be a problem, and you’ll have to either shave or invest in a pricier mask. The better the silicone, the better the fit. Ideally, you’d want to try it in person, but most stores have very good return policies so you can confidently shop online.

When you’re in possession of the mask, here’s how to find if it’s a good fit. Without using the strap, place it against your face and slightly inhale through your nose. Take your hand off the mask and see if it sticks to your face. If the answer is yes, then you’ve found a good fit. If the answer is no, send it back and shop for a different model.

Lens Design

You have quad, triple, dual, and single-lens designs. Anything above two lenses (three and four lenses) means that you have extra lateral lenses connected to the two main ones. This is for more visibility. Basically, if you want a more visual experience, having a wider viewing angle is great, but if you want to stay focused, then a single or dual-lens will do just fine. If you’re inexperienced, order one of each, and just ship back the ones that you won’t use.

Lens Materials

Tempered glass. That’s the only way to go. If your lense unfortunately cracks or shatters, it does so in very tiny glass particles, so you won’t be risking getting any big glass shard in your eyes. It won’t be easy to see through, but it will keep the water and glass out of your eyes. It’s also a fairly hydrophobic material, because the glass is so smooth, and will give you great underwater visibility.

Clear-view vs Opaque Skirt

As with lenses, clear vs opaque skirts is a thing of personal preference. Clear skirts allow more light to seep in, giving you the illusion of a bigger viewing angle. It’s a good move to combat any claustrophobia associated with diving. If you want to focus more on your frontal vision, then an opaque skirt is the way to go! It’s like one of those TVs with environmental lighting. Some people want the transitioning lights, some don’t.

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